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Nginx Metrix Description Nginx out-of-the-box has not the most complete status page provided by status module. It is worth noting that in Nginx Plus, this module provides more information. But... Read More | Share it now!

Cassandra Setting a Consistency Level

The consistency level used for a query determines how many of the replicas of the data you are interacting with need to respond for the query to be considered a success. By default, ConsistencyLevel.LOCAL_ONE will be used for all queries. You... Read More | Share it now!

Connect to cassandra from remote

Alternate solution to Kat. Worked with Ubuntu 16.04 ssh into server server_user@**.**.**.** Stop cassandra if running: Check if running with ps aux | grep cassandra If running, will output a large block of commands / flags, e.g.ubuntu 14018... Read More | Share it now!