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Learn how to configure caching, load balancing, cloud deployments, and other critical NGINX features

Development guide Introduction Code layout auto — Build scripts src core — Basic types and functions — string, array, log, pool, etc. event — Event core modules — Event notification... Read More | Share it now!

ab test Apache Benchmark

Post: Get: ab是apache自带的压力测试工具。ab非常实用,它不仅可以对apache服务器进行网站访问压力测试,也可以对或其它类型的服务器进行压力测试。比如nginx、tomcat、IIS等。 一、Apache下载 Windows下载地址:... Read More | Share it now!

How do I measure request and response times at once using cURL?

From this brilliant blog post… cURL supports formatted output for the details of the request (see the cURL manpage for details, under -w, –write-out... Read More | Share it now!

Configure Liveness and Readiness Probes (Heartbeat for kubernetes pods) This page shows how to configure liveness and readiness probes for Containers. The kubelet uses liveness probes to know when to restart a... Read More | Share it now!

Mount remote folder on Mac

Mount remote folder: Unmount remote folder: If Unmount failed for /mnt/localfolder: and kill the process using localfolder ... Read More | Share it now!

Git 忽略提交 .gitignore

在使用Git的过程中,我们喜欢有的文件比如日志,临时文件,编译的中间文件等不要提交到代码仓库,这时就要设置相应的忽略规则,来忽略这些文件的提交。 规则 作用 /mtk ... Read More | Share it now!