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‘pip install MySQL-python’ fails with ‘IndexError’ on Mac

By finding out the information that mysql-connector-cmight come to the conclusion that the configuration by brew installation may be incorrect , open the /usr/local/bin/mysql_config script to modify some of the contents of it: change... Read More | Share it now!

[转]HBase、Redis、MongoDB、Couchbase、LevelDB主流 NoSQL 数据库的对比

最近小组准备启动一个 node 开源项目,从前端亲和力、大数据下的IO性能、可扩展性几点入手挑选了 NoSql... Read More | Share it now!

how to change postgresql listening port

Just change the setting in the file postgresql.conf (can be found in the data directory): …./Postgres/9.1/data/postgresql.conf port = 5433 # (change requires restart) Remote access can be given by changing pg_hba.conf, just add the... Read More | Share it now!


Mongoose学习参考文档 前言:本学习参考文档仅供参考,如有问题,师请雅正 From: ##一、快速通道 ###1.1 名词解释 Schema :... Read More | Share it now!


在Mac下安装mongodb 安装mongodb 1、首先是下载安装文件 有2种选择 第一种、用浏览器或者第三方工具下载 当前版本的下载地址: 第二种,打开终端,使用以下命令行下载: curl... Read More | Share it now!