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klist SYNOPSIS klist ]] ] DESCRIPTION klist lists the Kerberos principal and Kerberos tickets held in a credentials cache, or the keys held in a keytab file. OPTIONS -e Displays the encryption types of the session key and the ticket for... Read More | Share it now!

Reset the maxlife of a kerberos ticket

http://stackoverflow.com/questions/27012033/reset-the-maxlife-of-a-kerberos-ticket-more-than-24h To change the max-lifetime of a ticket in kerberos from default 24 hrs to 5min follow the following steps: Add the max_life property to the... Read More | Share it now!

Cannot determine realm for host

Problem When running kinit using a keytab as input, kinit outputs this error message: # kinit -k -t /tmp/drum00host.keytab kinit: Cannot determine realm for host (principal host/drum00.orchestra.cse.unsw.edu.au@) Cause kinit wants to authenticate... Read More | Share it now!


kinit SYNOPSIS kinit -k -t /etc/security/keytabs/hdfs.headless.keytab hdfs@KBR.DG kinit ] ] DESCRIPTION kinit obtains and caches an initial ticket-granting ticket for principal. OPTIONS -V display verbose output. -l... Read More | Share it now!

Install a new MIT KDC Kerberos

http://docs.hortonworks.com/HDPDocuments/Ambari-   Install a new MIT KDC The following gives a very high level description of the KDC installation process. To get... Read More | Share it now!

How to configure Kerberos on HDP and integrate with Active Directory

http://zh.hortonworks.com/blog/enabling-kerberos-hdp-active-directory-integration/ Hadoop is a business-critical data platform at many of the world’s largest enterprises. These corporations require a layered security model focusing on four aspects of... Read More | Share it now!