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apk add python not working

It will install python3 automatically with pip. python (version 2) has been decommissioned from latest packages. ... Read More | Share it now!

Google Cloud Registry (GCR) with external Kubernetes

For information about how to pull from other private registries, see the following topics: Docker Hub private repository with Kubernetes Amazon EC2 Container Registry (ECR) with Kubernetes If you run Kubernetes on Google Cloud Platform (GCP), Google... Read More | Share it now!

Pull image from private registry

https://kubernetes.io/docs/tasks/configure-pod-container/pull-image-private-registry/ Create a Secret based on existing Docker credentials A Kubernetes cluster uses the Secret of docker-registry type to authenticate with a container... Read More | Share it now!

How can I pass artifacts to another stage?

Use dependencies. With this config test stage will download the untracked files that were created during the build stage: ... Read More | Share it now!

GCR(Container Registry) Authentication methods

https://cloud.google.com/container-registry/docs/advanced-authentication To authenticate to Container Registry, you should use gcloud as a Docker credential helper as described below. This page also describes advanced... Read More | Share it now!

Push docker image to GCR for kubernetes 推送和拉取映像

本页面介绍如何推送和拉取映像,这是使用 Container Registry 时的两项最常见任务。要将新映像推送到 Container Registry,您首先需要使用注册表名称来标记该映像,如下所述。 要开始使用 Container... Read More | Share it now!

docker save / load image

docker save Estimated reading time: 1 minute Description Save one or more images to a tar archive (streamed to STDOUT by default) Usage Options Name, shorthand Default Description --output , -o Write to a file, instead of STDOUT Parent... Read More | Share it now!

Docker 安装 MySQL

http://www.runoob.com/docker/docker-install-mysql.html 方法一、docker pull mysql 查找Docker Hub上的mysql镜像 runoob@runoob:/mysql$ docker search mysql NAME DESCRIPTION STARS ... Read More | Share it now!

Docker容器使用问题:Failed to get D-Bus connection: Operation not permitted

刚开始接触Docker的朋友,可能会遇到这么一个问题,使用centos7镜像创建容器后,在里面使用systemctl启动服务报错。针对这个报错,我们接下来就分析下! # docker run -itd –name centos7 centos:7 #... Read More | Share it now!


docker ssh into container Use docker ps to get the name of the existing container. Use the command docker exec -it <container name> /bin/bash to get a bash shell in the container. Generically, use docker exec -it <container name>... Read More | Share it now!