Connect to cassandra from remote

Alternate solution to Kat. Worked with Ubuntu 16.04

  1. ssh into server server_user@**.**.**.**
  2. Stop cassandra if running:
    • Check if running with ps aux | grep cassandra
    • If running, will output a large block of commands / flags, e.g.ubuntu 14018 4.6 70.1 2335692 712080 pts/2 Sl+ 04:15 0:11 java -Xloggc:./../logs/gc.log ……..Note 14018 in the example is the process id
    • Stop with kill <process_id> (in this case 14018)
  3. edit cassandra.yaml file to be the following
    • rpc_address:
    • broadcast_rpc_address: **.**.**.** <- your server’s IP (cannot be set to
  4. Restart cassandra ./bin/cassandra -f (from within cassandra root)
  5. Open another terminal on local machine & connect via cqlsh **.**.**.** (your server’s IP) to test.

The ./bin/nodetool status address reported my localhost IP (, but cqlsh remotely still worked despite that.