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MirrorMaker是为解决Kafka跨集群同步、创建镜像集群而存在的;下图展示了其工作原理。该工具消费源集群消息然后将数据重新推送到目标集群。 MirrorMaker使用方式 启动mirror-maker程序需要一个或多个consumer配置文件、一个producer配置文件是必须的其他参数是可选的。 kafka-run-class.sh... Read More | Share it now!


修改配置文件 vim $KAFKA_HOME/config/consumer.properties... Read More | Share it now!

kafka partition(分区)与 group

一、 1、原理图 2、原理描述 一个topic... Read More | Share it now!

Why many developer’s end up using both Kafka and RabbitMQ

Bradley McAllister Many companies use the latest and greatest technologies to keep their applications e5cient and fast and to make themselves productive. Today I am going to examine the major features that developers look for in their messaging... Read More | Share it now!