1. Change to the root user or use sudo.
  2. Create a text file called maprtech.repo in the /etc/yum.repos.d/ directory with the following content, replacing <version> with the version of MapR that you want to install:
    name=MapR Technologies
    name=MapR Technologies

    (See the Release Notes for the correct paths for all past releases.)

Index of /releases

[ICO] Name Last modified Size Description

[DIR] Parent Directory
[DIR] MEP/ 30-Sep-2016 20:31
[DIR] ecosystem-4.x/ 30-Sep-2016 18:46
[DIR] ecosystem-5.x/ 19-Jun-2015 22:53
[DIR] ecosystem-all/ 10-Mar-2016 02:50
[DIR] ecosystem/ 08-Sep-2014 16:16
[DIR] installer/ 06-Oct-2016 07:16
[DIR] pub/ 19-Aug-2014 00:40
[DIR] v2.0.0/ 10-Aug-2012 22:07
[DIR] v2.0.1/ 19-Oct-2012 23:01
[DIR] v2.1.0/ 25-Nov-2012 04:33
[DIR] v2.1.1/ 12-Dec-2012 19:14
[DIR] v2.1.2/ 07-Mar-2013 20:15
[DIR] v2.1.3.2/ 15-Aug-2013 18:44
[DIR] v2.1.3/ 15-Aug-2013 18:43
[DIR] v3.0.1/ 06-Sep-2013 03:46
[DIR] v3.0.2/ 15-May-2014 20:53
[DIR] v3.0.3/ 12-May-2014 23:13
[DIR] v3.1.0/ 11-Mar-2014 01:41
[DIR] v3.1.1/ 13-Jun-2014 17:59
[DIR] v4.0.0-FCS/ 23-Jun-2014 19:00
[DIR] v4.0.1/ 16-Sep-2014 02:21
[DIR] v4.0.2/ 30-Jan-2015 00:28
[DIR] v4.1.0/ 20-Apr-2015 21:04
[DIR] v5.0.0/ 20-Jul-2015 20:25
[DIR] v5.1.0/ 11-Mar-2016 21:40
[DIR] v5.2.0/ 02-Sep-2016 05:26

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