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Upgrade’s application-identifier entitlement string does not match installed application -> rejecting upgrade

Remove the app on your device.   http://stackoverflow.com/questions/31678568/upgrades-application-identifier-entitlement-string-does-not-match-installed-app ... Read More | Share it now!


bdutil bdutil is a command-line script used to manage Hadoop instances on Google Compute Engine. bdutil manages deployment, configuration, and shutdown of your Hadoop instances. Requirements bdutil depends on the Google Cloud SDK. bdutil is supported... Read More | Share it now!

CentOs 6.x 升级 Python 版本

在CentOS 6.X 上面安装 Python 2.7.X CentOS 6.X 自带的python版本是 2.6 , 由于工作需要,很多时候需要2.7版本。所以需要进行版本升级。由于一些系统工具和服务是对 Python 有依赖的,所以升级 Python... Read More | Share it now!

linux cp命令参数及用法详解—linux 复制文件命令cp

cp (复制档案或目录) # cp 来源档(source) 目的檔(destination) # cp source1 source2 source3 …. directory 参数: -a :相当于 -pdr 的意思; -d :若来源文件为连结文件的属性(link... Read More | Share it now!